Physics, April 24, 2017

GPS for the Week:
SP5. Students will evaluate relationships between electrical and magnetic forces.
a. Describe the transformation of mechanical energy into electrical energy and the transmission of electrical energy.
b. Determine the relationship among potential difference, current, and resistance in a direct current circuit.
c. Determine equivalent resistances in series and parallel circuits.
d. Determine the relationship between moving electric charges and magnetic fields.
EQ for the Week:
How are electric fields, magnetic fields, and electric charges related?
How are voltage and current affected in series and parallel circuit?

Complete the lab on PhET Parallel & Series Circuits lab
omplete the Magnetism video


Chemistry, April 24, 207

GPS:  Same
EQ:  How do you convert from particles/mass/volume to volume/particles/mass?

Check worksheet from homework.
Assign more of worksheet packet

Test Tuesday

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