May 19, 2017

Final post for spring 2017.

Physics grades are all in.  See me if you have any questions.

Chemistry review guides were distributed in class on Thursday, the 18th (available all semester from the link on the website).  I’ll answer questions or go over anything you’d like in class.

Expect grades to be final sometime Tuesday afternoon.

Please stay in touch.  I expect to be right here.  If you’re a senior, I’d enjoy connecting on social media once you graduate.

Good luck & best wishes!

Mr. Wood

Chem, May 17, 2017

GPS:  Students will understand the effects motion of atoms and molecules in chemical and physical processes
EQ:  What happens to acids & bases in solution?

Gas Law Survey
Organic Chemistry Survey
Notes & demonstrations on both topics

Chem, May 16, 2017

Books will be turned in on Wednesday!  Bring it to class!

GPS:  SC 7: acids and bases
EQ:  What is an indicator?

Lab: What’s the pH of some household items?

Test Thursday

Chem, May 12, 2017

GPS:  SC7: Relate molality to colligative properties
EQ:  What is an acid/base?

Check & go over class/homework from yesterday.
Introduction to acids & bases & pH.

Chem, May 11, 2017

GPS:  SC7: Prepare and properly label solutions of specified molar concentration
EQ:  How is the concentration of a solution measured?

Molarity worksheet, continue notes & review.

Chem, May 9, 2017

GPS:  SC7: Observe factors that effect the rate at which a solute dissolves in a specific solvent.
EQ:  How can the amount of solute in a solution be expressed?

Notes: demonstration, Check & go over homework WS 1-7