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ES 16, August 21, 2017

Standard: SES5.a Develop & use models to explain how latitudinal variations in solar heating create differences in air pressure, global wind patterns, and ocean currents that redistribute heat globally.
Learning Target: Students will be able view images of the eclipse using their pinhole viewers and will draw 10 images at different stages of the eclipse.
Activity: Draw 10 images at various stages of the eclipse. View the eclipse safely using the provided glasses. Report on the phenomena seen during the eclipse.

P 16, August 21, 2017

Standards: a. Plan and carry out an investigation of one-dimensional motion to calculate average and instantaneous speed and velocity.
• Analyze one-dimensional problems involving changes of direction, using algebraic signs to represent vector direction.
• Apply one-dimensional kinematic equations to situations with no acceleration, and positive or negative constant acceleration.
b. Analyze and interpret data using created or obtained motion graphs to illustrate the relationships among position, velocity, and acceleration, as functions of time.
Learning Target: Describe linear motion in terms of position, velocity, and acceleration
Activities: Warmup- try this, describing motion with position/time & velocity/time graphs, problem set from handout.

P 13, August 16, 2017

Target:  Describe linear motion in terms of velocity.
Activities:  check distance v time worksheet & this way/that way worksheet, graphing motion activator, notes on graphing motion, distance, position, & displacement problems worksheet, notes on the GUESS framework for problem solving.