Chem, May 17, 2017

GPS:  Students will understand the effects motion of atoms and molecules in chemical and physical processes
EQ:  What happens to acids & bases in solution?

Gas Law Survey
Organic Chemistry Survey
Notes & demonstrations on both topics

Chem, May 16, 2017

Books will be turned in on Wednesday!  Bring it to class!

GPS:  SC 7: acids and bases
EQ:  What is an indicator?

Lab: What’s the pH of some household items?

Test Thursday

Chem, May 12, 2017

GPS:  SC7: Relate molality to colligative properties
EQ:  What is an acid/base?

Check & go over class/homework from yesterday.
Introduction to acids & bases & pH.

Chem, May 11, 2017

GPS:  SC7: Prepare and properly label solutions of specified molar concentration
EQ:  How is the concentration of a solution measured?

Molarity worksheet, continue notes & review.

Chem, May 9, 2017

GPS:  SC7: Observe factors that effect the rate at which a solute dissolves in a specific solvent.
EQ:  How can the amount of solute in a solution be expressed?

Notes: demonstration, Check & go over homework WS 1-7

Chem, May 8, 2017

GPS:  SC 7: Explain the process of dissolving in terms of solute/solvent interactions:
EQ:  What are the properties/characteristics of solutions?

Notes on solutions, do homework WS 1-7

Chem, May 2, 2017

GPS:  Same
EQ:  How can you predict quantities of product in a chemical reaction given quantities of reactant?

Go over stoich. problems. Continue with rest of handout- target questions to quiz issues.