Chemistry Resources

Chemistry Resources

Here’s the link to the Google Folder of the presentations in class.  Of course, you won’t have my lively in class voice to guide you, but perhaps it’ll help anyway ; )

Here’s the link to a folder with my syllabus, both versions, for class.

Here’s a link to a Google folder that will contain review guides for tests.  Not all tests will have a review guide.

Georgia Public Broadcasting has lots of resources to help you.  Each link has a video and worksheet.  Please let me know if a particular link is especially helpful.

Tyler Dewitt has posted lots of videos for help with chemistry.  Several students have told me that they have found his presentations very helpful.  Here’s a link to his channel:

I’ve shared some Mole Day videos with you in class to help with understanding of the concept of the mole.  Here’s my playlist:

Best of all, one of my students, Holly B. made her own mole song!  Check it out: